Aside from obvious benefits  of looking and feeling great ...

... there’s another reason you should consider indoor tanning: Sunlight exposure contributes significantly to our daily production of vitamin D which is essential in the absorption of calcium to build and maintain strong bones.

Research shows that as little as 10 minutes of sun exposure is enough to prevent vitamin D deficiencies, which can lead to problems such as osteoporosis.

Binghamton’s a great place to live, but it’s no secret that plentiful sunshine is not our best feature. Tanfastic is your affordable solution to getting that golden-brown hue while increasing your levels of vitamin D.

Our tanning staff is always on hand to counsel and guide you to the perfect tan. Our indoor controlled tanning environment allows you to get the appropriate exposure and responsible tanning results. A great alternative to outdoor tanning and sunburn prevention any day of the week!

One Session

Level 1: Double Facial/Stand Up Booth: $7.00
Level 2: Triple Facial: $9.00
Level 3: The Onyx: $1.10 per minute, up to 12 minutes ($13.20

Level 1: Double Facial Programs

100 Minutes: $33.00
5 Sessions: $27.50
10 Sessions: $49.50
20 Sessions: $88.00

Level 1: Memberships

1 Week: $16.50
1 Month: $49.50
3 Months: $108.90
6 Months: $165.00
1 Year: $302.50

Specialty Packages

Level 2: 7 Triple Sessions: $55.00
Level 3: 7 Onyx Sessions: $77.00
Level 3: 60 Onyx Minutes: $49.50


Level 1 to Level 2 (Double to Triple): $3.50 per session/ Day
Level 1 to Level 3 (Double to Onyx): $5.50 per Sessions/ Day
Level 2 ro Level 3 (Triple to Onyx) $2.50 per Session/ Day